Email Policy

This page is intended to address those who feel that they have received unsolicited email from Schnee's.

If you received a newsletter from Schnee's and do not wish to receive any more, you may use the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter. Alternatively, you may modify your user profile on this website to unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list.

Schnee's does not send email to people with whom it has no contact. The following conditions can result in the Schnee's website sending you email:

  • You created an account at the Schnee's website.
  • You purchased 1 or more items from Schnee's.
  • You subscribed to the Schnee's newsletter mailing list.
  • You submitted a question to Schnee's.
  • You requested a catalog from Schnee's.
  • Someone that you know visited the Schnee's website, created a wishlist and sent it to you.
  • Someone that you know visited the Schnee's website and used the 'email this page to a friend' function.

If you received email from Schnee's and you feel that none of the above conditions have been met, you may send an email to the email address below to register a complaint.

Schnee's abuse report email address

This email address is registered with We take reports of spam abuse seriously and we will work with you to find a solution to a problem. In rare cases, spammers find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities within websites to force them to send spam. If you suspect that this has happened we would appreciate it if you would notify us using the email address above. We are constantly working to improve the security of the Schnee's website in order to prevent our customers from getting spammed and to reduce the amount of spam on the internet at large.

Thank you and regards,
Schnee's webmaster

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