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SCHNEE'S Alpenglow Reversible Wool Vest

Price: $249.00
Product # SHN-748
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Black or Olive, worn outside or layered beneath, in the field or around town, form or function, or both... We are ecstatic to introduce our new Alpenglow Reversible Wool Vest. As you know if you've been blessed to spend much time in Montana, Alpenglow mornings (or evenings) are special. Not as rare as 'aurora borealis', but can be just as breathtaking. If you get up early to run or hike on the eastern edge of the Bridger Mountains, then you've seen it. And it will stop you in your tracks. Hence, the name of our new reversible vest. Premium materials, of course: virgin Merino/Corriedale wool from Uruguay, genuine cow-belly leather reinforcements, the whole nine. 40g insulation quilted on each side to our Rifleman Wool fabric. It is to be worn for warmth, and it looks pretty good too. In black/olive. Imported. Men's M-3XL. SHN-748.